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What Are Millennials Thinking?

I wrote a post yesterday on the prevailing political priorities among young voters, which is complemented by this 2012 Millennial Values Survey of "Religion, Values and Politics among College-Age Millennials." The findings are remarkable. For example:

  • 40% describe themselves more negatively than their parents; only 19% more positively.
  • 40% believe in the American Dream; 10% say it never existed.
  • 73% believe economics unfairly favor the rich; similar numbers favor reforms to raise the poor and soak the rich.
  • Evenly divided on whether the government pays too much attention to minorities and whether discrimination against whites is as much a problem as discrimination against minorities.
  • Strong majorities believe that Christianity has good values and expresses love, but also believe that it is anti-gay and judgmental.
The report is an interesting read. While it is not likely a window into the future - since liberalism in youth often matures to conservatism in adulthood - it is nevertheless useful as a reflection of the mores and lessons currently being inculcated into the young.
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Justin, the link doesn't take me where I want to go. A Google search does. Thank you for the information. I, too, will pick what grabs me.

51% believe that having an abortion is morally wrong. For a group that seems to value being non-judgmental, that is an encouraging figure. As well that 76% think Christianity has good values and principles, despite being judgmental, which might argue that they can see some value in judging based on good values and principles. But that's my extrapolation, which I make augmented by personal observation of those of my acquaintance in the age group.

Lots of interesting information and I simply must share this on Facebook, given how many of my friends there are millennials and how many of them might read the report about themselves if I post it.

There are other encouraging signs. A group of Roe v. Wade survivors born since January 22, 1973 visits college campuses. One came to Barstow College, where I taught, a couple of years ago. I encouraged them to let the local newspaper know of their activities, but alas they did not. There are a lot of young people in the Right to Life organization, based on what I read in their monthly tabloid. There IS a moral economy in the universe.

richard, if you were trying to post a link to a news update that you received as an e-mail, that's definitely not going to work for us... unless you care to share your e-mail password.

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