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Who Does the European Left Hate?

Not the Eurozone PIIGS who have plunged the EU into economic ruin. Not the former soviet bear who yet strives to embrace a sphere of oppression in Europe's backyard. Not the Islamic sponsors of terrorism vying for nuclear arms to trade on the global market. Rather, the EU - which is generally synonymous with the European left - has focused its ire on Hungary. As Alex Alexiev correctly explains:

Technically, at issue is a quarrel between the European Commission (EC) and the government of Hungary over some obscure laws on judges' retirement ages, ombudsman roles and whether or not Central Bankers ought to swear an oath to the constitution of the state they serve. In reality, the conflict is over fundamental issues such as who decides what European values are, from whence does democratic legitimacy derive in the EU and should a democratically-elected national legislature or the European bureaucracy ultimately decide what legislation is legitimate and what's not.

. . .

It is an irony worth noting, that the democratically-elected government of Hungary is being judged by the unelected EC bureaucratic mandarins, who among other recent deeds, denied a democratic referendum to the Greeks and forced on them and the Italians unelected governments, to say nothing of imposing on the Europeans thousands of rules and regulations on which no one has been allowed to vote.
The real viciousness of this conflict, however, goes clearly beyond economic policy and political reform and cannot be explained except by realizing that what the Hungarians have done is to commit the mortal sin of challenging the prevailing political culture of the European Union establishment today and thus the very legitimacy of its leftist, multi-cultural Weltanschaung. Much more unacceptable than [Hungary]'s economic policies, to its adversaries, are its political philosophy as exemplified by the new constitution's insistence that Hungary is a Christian nation and proud of it, that marriage is between a man and a woman and that life begins at conception. Commonsense propositions to most Europeans as these are, they make the politically correct EU elites go truly unhinged.
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Oh come on, is this for real? Copying and pasting a press release from Family Security Matters? Couldn't you have at least found a FoxNews "article" that quotes extensively from it? Talk about phoning it in.

A few fun facts about Family Security Matters:

- They have published numerous pieces by Philip Atkinson. In these articles he endorsed then-President GW Bush declaring himself the permanent "President for Life", using nuclear weapons on Iraq, and this, regarding immigration through the US-Mexican border:

"The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans"

Philip Atkinson, 5/11/07 - Family Security Matters website

(Atkinson should not be confused with another death-loving right-wing fanatic, Jim David Adkisson, who wrote a manifesto and shot up a bunch of people he identified as liberals, at a Unitarian church in Tenn.)

- Family Security Matters is also quite tightly connected with (considering they share office phone lines, one could fairly say that they're actually just a front group for) Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy. To get some idea of the kind of good work CSP does in inspiring people to work for freedom, Anders Breivik (the right-wing terrorist who committed the attacks in Norway in July last year, killing 77 and injuring 151) cites Gaffney's work no fewer than 7 times in his manifesto, which can be found here:

Breivik was quite concerned (well, obsessed) with an impending "Eurabia" - the same kind of thing that is found on FSM's homepage.

Family Security Matters is a wildly extremist and irresponsible propaganda outlet, no matter how you slice it.

Come on Pumpkin you are complaining about Family Security Matters as being a wildly extremist and irresponsible propaganda outlet and dump links up here from places linke thinkprogress and huffington post.

How's that Kool-Aid working for ya.

(When/where did I link to HuffPost?)

The facts I cited are correct. Atkinson wrote those pieces, and FSM published them. Breivik did, in fact, cite those people and those organizations.

I hate to link to this (who knows if it will inspire you in some similar fashion?), but it's not as if the facts I cited are difficult to locate. Breivik's manifesto is, after all, available online in its entirety. See the 2nd paragraph here:

No need to reply, cow, I already know what your response is. Liberalism is a mental disease and California is the stupid state and yada, yada, yada.

Yes, because Huffington Post regularly calls for mass enslavement, so it's exactly the same thing. Oh, and no one ever even linked to it in the first. And even if anyone had it would jack all to defend the insanity of the trash that the idiot Paulette is linking to.

Huffington Post is mass enslavement - it is called liberalism.... which means one is not allowed to think for themselves. All the Huff Post does is repeat the mantras of the left i.e. Bush Lied, People Died, Conservatives are evil, etc, etc, etc yada yada yada.

So Pumpkin, you have never posted anything from the Huffingon Post - pray tell me the difference between Think Progress and the Huffington Post?

I know, the design of their websites. Other than that, they serve up the same old liberal Kool Aid.

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