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Forget the birther nonsense, etc. Former Intelligence Committee staffer and author Angelo Codevilla establishes that Obama grew up in a  world deeply influenced by the CIA, among other establishment institutions. The key here is his life in Indonesia. Did you know his mother's supervisor was one Peter Geithner? The lead-in to this:

Consistent with the Barack Obama we know, however, are his real family, his real upbringing, and his real choices of profession and associates. His mother's parents, who raised him, seem to have been cogs in the U.S. government's well-heeled, well-connected machine for influencing the world, whether openly ("gray influence") or covertly ("black operations"). His mother spent her life and marriages, and birthed her children, working in that machine. For paradigms of young Barack's demeanor, proclivities, opinions, language, and attitudes one need look no further than the persons who ran the institutions that his mother and grandparents served--e.g., the Ford Foundation, the United States Information Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency--as well as his chosen mentors and colleagues. It is here, with these people and institutions, that one should begin to unravel the unknowns surrounding him.

At the very least one can conclude that far from being on the outs, young Obama was always part of a segment of this country's ruling elite.

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I read a couple of days ago, as you have posted, that Stanley Ann Dunham had met and worked with Tim Geithner's father Peter. Peter Geithner oversaw the Ford Foundation's microfinance program in Indonesia which was being developed by Stanley Ann Dunham.

This led me to Wiki Tim Geithner. Much like Obama Geithner spent most of his childhood in foreign countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia and India.

Even more interesting was the fact that Tim Geithner worked for Henry Kissingner early in his career in DC.

Obama like Geithner tried to present themselves as liberals/progressives out to help the poor man survive against the rich man. When in fact all they are is a bunch of wealth, snobby elitist.

His mother's parents, who raised him, seem to have been cogs in the U.S. government's well-heeled,

Seem to have been a man who sold furniture and insurance for a living and a woman in middle management at the Bank of Hawaii.

Stick a fork in this stuff.

Trying reading the article by Angelo Codevilla again. Barack's grandmother was not in middle management - she was the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii:

Here is the full context of what obviously you did not read in the referenced article. Read the stuff - maybe your opinion will "evolve".

Self-styled investigative journalist Wayne Madsen reports that Madelyn Dunham, the mother of Barack's mother, Ann Dunham, who became vice president of the Bank of Hawaii soon after her arrival there, was in charge of escrow accounts. Madsen's credibility is certainly checkered. But if he is correct about which department she headed, Madelyn Dunham must have supervised the accounts that the U.S. government used to funnel money to its "gray" and "black" activities throughout Asia. Among the conduits of the CIA money through these accounts to secret CIA proprietaries was a company—Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham & Wong—some of whose officers were serving CIA officers. This is a company whose 1983 IRS audit the CIA stopped. Vice President Madelyn Dunham, in charge of these very matters and hence necessarily "witting" (as they say at Langley), would have had to be more than a small cog in the machine. People do not rise to such stations from one day to the next.

Again, if Madsen is correct, two photos belie the portrait of her husband Stanley Dunham, Barack's grandfather, whom young Barry called father, as an insignificant furniture salesman. One, in the early 1950s, shows Stanley with his daughter, Ann, wearing the insignia of Beirut's elite French language school, Notre Dame de Jamhour. Was the family ever in Lebanon? How did Dad get the sweater? U.S. government influence operations are a likelier explanation than the furniture business for any Lebanese connection in the 1950s. Another photo, published in a Honolulu newspaper in 1959, shows Stanley Dunham escorted by uniformed U.S. Navy officers, greeting Barack Obama, Sr., as he arrived in Hawaii from Kenya. Because Obama was among 80 other Kenyans whom CIA had chosen for sojourns in the U.S. to influence them, it is logical that he and others like him would have been placed around the country in the hands of trusted handlers. The greeting photo suggests that Dunham may well have been one of these, and hence that the Kenyan did not meet Dunham's daughter, Ann, in a classroom. This would fit the chronology: Classes started on September 26. Ann was pregnant by early November. Obama was housed at the University of Hawaii's East-West Center facility funded by the Asia Foundation, itself funded by CIA.

Anyone and everyone knew that Barack Obama, Sr., and others like him had been brought to America to be influenced. How big a part of his attractiveness to her, and hence how big a reason for the pregnancy that produced Barack, Jr., was the foreign affairs angle? The hagiographies, including A Singular Woman, suggest that foreign affairs were the farthest thing from her mind. Yet Ann's second child was born in a marriage to another such person at the East-West Center. The Indonesian government had sent Lolo Soetoro to the East-West Center as a "civilian employee of the Army." But when the shooting started, Soetoro went on active duty, it seems as a colonel. This was arguably the CIA's most significant covert operation, the replacement (between 1965 and 1967) of Indonesia's dictator Sukarno with the Suharto regime that lasted until 1999. Few people on the face of the earth did not realize how important a struggle this was. Suggesting as does A Singular Woman that a very intelligent, very married Ann Soetoro was innocent of and indifferent to the political implications of the struggle she was involved in is incredible.

After the overthrow, Ann ran a "micro-financing" project, financed by the Ford Foundation, in Indonesia's most vulnerable areas. Supervising the funding at Ford in the late '60s was Peter Geithner, whose son would eventually serve hers as U.S. secretary of the treasury. In addition to the Ford Foundation, the list of her employers is a directory of America's official, semi-official, and clandestine organs of influence: the United States Information Agency, the United States Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank. While running a project for five years in Pakistan, she lived in Lahore's Hilton International. Nothing small time, never mind hippyish.

In sum, though the only evidence available is circumstantial, Barack Obama, Jr.'s mother, father, stepfather, grandmother, and grandfather seem to have been well connected, body and soul, with the U.S. government's then extensive and well-financed trans-public-private influence operations.

"Obama like Geithner tried to present themselves as liberals/progressives out to help the poor man survive against the rich man. When in fact all they are is a bunch of wealth, snobby elitist."

While I don't necessarily disagree entirely with your characterization of these two, I think you've made an unintentional admission about the nature of true progressives in the contrast that you've drawn. Was that a glimmer of honesty from you, cow?

Nothing do with honesty. Just facts. LIberals/Progressives are all - including you pumpkin - elitists (of course a huge percentage of them are extremely wealthy) who believe if everyone would just STFU and do as they say (not as they do) the world would be a better place. In other words - they know better than God how you should live your life.

I think you are "evolving" pumpkin. You may be cured of your mental illness by sheer reality.

Barack's grandmother was not in middle management - she was the Vice President of the Bank of Hawaii:

IIRC, the common-and-garden commercial bank of which my family made use, which prior to 1984 had no branches outside of the Genesee Valley, had about 40 vice presidents at that time. In a certain era, banks were notable for inflation of titles.

The Bank of Hawaii and the First Hawaiian Bank were at that time the leading institutions in metropolitan Honolulu and tributary areas. Honolulu is a metropolis of middling size, rather like Omaha. They were (still are, I think) largecommunity banks engaged in the usual mix of commercial and industrial lending, commercial real estate lending, home mortgage lending, and consumer lending. I am fairly sure both were engaged in trust administration as well.

As for 'microfinance', it is a high-overhead form of commercial credit. The Grameen Bank in BanglaDesh is the big promoter thereof. We are talking about lending small sums (with high service charges) to women to start a basket-weaving business.

Trying reading the article by Angelo Codevilla again.

You ought to know imaginative literature when you see it. (The bit about the sweatshirt is the main tell). This is the sort of mess Gary Allen used to put out for the John Birch Society. Stop it.

There you go again - making excuses..

You used the same flair for excusing the racist Byrd.

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