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Uzbeks are Like Germans?

I came across this by chance (as I do most things) and even though it’s politically incorrect and will offend half of my friends (e.g., Germans, Irish, Welsh) it is pretty cute, so I pass it on. It is an attempt by a blogger to explain the character of the people in the ex-Soviet Republics of Central Asia--you know all the countries that end in Stan--by comparing them to those you might be more familiar with. For example, here are the ones trying to understand the Uzbeks and the Tajiks (for the others you will have to go to cinderellabloggerfella):

"Uzbeks are the Germans of Central Asia. There’s lots of
them, they spill over borders, they like hard work, lack much
of a sense of humour, are very clean, think they should run
the region, are plain and hefty to look at, sing the praises of
stodgy food in vast quantities, and are cordially despised by
their neighbours, whom they regard as a bunch of
degenerate nomads and Russian-lickspittles."

"The Tajiks are the Irish of Central Asia. An ancient and
cultured people, fond of singing and poetry, proud of their
descent from the Persians. They inhabit a small, beautiful
country, but are often more divided north against south
than they are united. And God gave them a right bunch of
bastards as neighbours. They have the strongest trend of
religious fanaticism in the region, and are the only country to
have had a proper civil war. They know that when they ran
Central Asia sure it was grand, and that’s good enough for
them. There’s also millions of them running another country
- Afghanistan - and think they’re doing a good enough job of
that. They think their neighbours are degenerate nomads,
but agree with most of them on the urgent need to lick
Russian spittle. Their neighbours think they have girly voices
and lead the regional pederasty league."

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