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Democratic Alliance Against Terrorism?

The Asia Times runs an interesting story on the closer cooperation between the United States, Israel, and India, as outlined by India’s national security advisor, Brajesh Mishra.

"In an address to a meeting of the American Jewish Committee, Mishra argued that democratic countries that are the prime targets of international terrorism should form a ’viable alliance’ and develop multilateral mechanisms to counter the menace. He identified India, the US and Israel as countries fitting that description. ’Such an alliance would have the political will and moral authority to take bold decisions in extreme cases of terrorist provocation. It would not get bogged down in definitional and causal arguments about terrorism,’ he maintained."

The whole thing is worth reading; full of interesting tid-bits. But, also see this article for the effects that the Saudi terrorist attack may have had on India’s inclination to send peacekeeping troops to Iraq.

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