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Deja Vu All Over Again

There was a lot of brave talk in the news media a few weeks about about wealthy Democrats founding their own liberal think tank in Washington (what’s wrong with Brookings?? Never mind. . .) to compete with the Heritage Foundation, Cato, and AEI. They may want to ponder this wire service report from February 1981 that I recently stumbled across:

"A group of high-ranking refugees from the Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter administrations is setting up a Washington-based ’think tank’ to serve as a rival to Republican-oriented research groups like the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation. Tentatively called Democratic Forum, the group hopes to riase $1 million this year and $2 million next year, to churn out studies and policy recommendations."

Boy, we all remember what an impact that effort made. . . don’t we? . . . we don’t?? Oh.

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