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The Tour de France begins on July 5 and this site has a good explanation of the route and other information. I mention this, not because I am interested in politics, or anything like that, but because I am a sport enthusiast, and, in my youth, tried to ride. Oh, yes. One more thing. Lance Armstrong, an American will be going for his fifth straight victory. And, I am told, he is in good shape. Now, let’s see, who should we root for?

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This is perhaps one of the few things that Schramm and I will agree on. Lance Armstrong in 2002 was named SI’s Sportsman of the Year. He’s the sportsman of the century in my book. In an age of overpaid, whining athletes who can’t seem to go a day without being arrested for drugs, spousal abuse or any number of other crimes, Lance Armstrong is the ultimate role model. This is a man who battled with cancer and THEN won the Tour de France - arguably the world’s most strenuous sporting event - FOUR TIMES. This is a man who won his third TdF in such convincing fashion that race officials made the final stages of the race more difficult in hopes of making the conclusion of the race closer and more dramatic.

Simply put, this is a man with balls of steel and the heart of a lion.

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