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McClintock and Lincoln

Please note Eric’s good blog on why Lincoln withdrew from the Senate race in 1854 in order to make sure that a free-soil candidate would win and what that may have to do with McClintock pulling out of the race. If only half of the praise that McClintock is getting is true (fine, upstanding, principled man, etc.), then everything points to his pulling out within the next few days for the good of the cause. It would nail everything down very nicely for Arnold (he would certainly end up with more than 50 percent of the vote) and it would also place McClintock in a powerful position to affect the future governing of the state. I predict he will withdraw.

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If McClintock is to drop out for the good of the cause, you must have in mind some "cause". Could you compare the cause you have in mind with the cause that Lincoln had in mind? Thanks.

Please see: McClintock and Lincoln: Back in 1854 at he Remedy on the Claremont Institute Website.

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