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James Taranto very concisely lays out the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame issue thus far, and why it seems to be a non-story. See under "Plame-out." Follow the links.

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This isn’t a non-story. The only problem is that media, as usual, has missed the real story. The storyline goes:

1. The VP of the U.S. requests the CIA to verify the varacity of a close ally’s intelligence service assertion that a mutual enemy is seeking materials for its WMD program from an African country.

2. The Director of the CIA (an appointee of the previous Administration who has a proven inability of protecting our country from its enemies) decides to assign this important and sensitive mission to a retired bureaucrat who also served the previous Administration in the area of National Security.

3. The DCIA selects this particular retired bureaucrat despite the fact that this person’s spouse is (supposedly) an active CIA "spook".

4. After this retired bureacrat from the previous Administration completes his "secret" assignment and makes his report, he is (apparently) permitted by the DCIA to make his "secret mission" for the CIA "public" by publishing political commentaries second-guessing the CIA own "intel" and the decision of the current Administration. This despite the fact that the retired bureaucrat’s "spook" wife could easily be exposed by her husband PUBLIC "confessions" that he operated as an agent for the CIA.

5. Finally, the DCIA is "Shocked! SHOCKED!" when his "spook", the wife of the retired bureaucrat from the previous Adminstration is "outed" after her husband’s "outing" of his "secret" CIA mission becomes public, as part of an organized "political hit job" on the current Administration.

Am I the only one who sees something very, very wrong with this picture? There has been an assassination alright. However, based on the evidence, it looks like the DCIA (an appointee from the previous Administration) might be the assassin, and he is targeting his current boss, the POTUS.

Former Federal Prosecutor, Joe DiGenova, made a similar observation on the Buchanan/Press Comedy Hour on MSNBC this evening. When Joe offerred his opinion that George Tenet was the real culprit, I thought Bill Press was going to have a stroke, as he deperately tried to get former Prosecutor off the air.

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