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California Recall

The new L.A. Times Poll makes it more or less official: "A solid majority of likely voters favors removing Gov. Gray Davis from office in the recall election Tuesday, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has surged ahead of his rivals in the race to succeed him, according to a new Los Angeles Times poll.

By 56% to 42%, likely voters support ousting the Democratic incumbent, a sign that Davis has lost ground in the closing phase of his battle for political survival. Support for Davis has slipped among key parts of his political base — Democrats, women, moderates and liberals among them — since the last Times poll in early September found 50% for the recall and 47% against it."

"The shift in voter support toward Schwarzenegger is dramatic: Since the last Times poll, he has made double-digit gains among Republicans, independents, whites, senior citizens, women and other major voting blocs. The early September poll had Bustamante in the lead with 30%, followed by Schwarzenegger at 25% and McClintock at 18%. Bustamante had also led Schwarzenegger in an August poll, 35% to 22%."

There is a great amount of scrambling by the Demos in California, as you can imagine. Huffington drops out, now supports Davis (she had half of one percent in the poll). McAuliffe was visiting and blathered on yesterday, and a Clinton radio ad against the recall vote was aired; it is rumored that he’ll back to the state to try to help Davis. And Clark is there today. There are rumors that maybe Bustamante ought to drop out (he has kind of disappeared, by the way), that way Davis can pretend to be running against Arnold. Note that Latinos back the recall 50-47 percent, and 37 percent will vote for Arnold or McClintock. It goes on. Dying campaigns are kind of pathetic. Arnold’s victory will be a shock to the Democrats, and not only in California. What happens after that is not predictable, but it can’t be worse than Davis. Clearly, that’s what the voters are saying. The anger is real, the revolt against the arrogant elite has arrived.

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Dont underestimate the ability of the LLL to spin this to themselves as some kind of fraud and undermining of democracy. How in the world an election will be an "undermining of democracy" is logical only in their bizarro universe.

It occurs to me that as much as we are incredulous at public opinion polls out of the Mideast, which shows belief in wild conspiracies and now that 20% of Germans now belief 9/11 was a US govt conspiracy, we have a similar deluded segment in our society.

Gallup Poll shows that McClintock beats Bustamante - so why settle for a RINO when you can have the real deal, a truly conservative Republican Governor?

"Furthermore, when McClintock is pitted against just Bustamante, among probable voters the Republican state senator beats the Democratic candidate handily -- by 19 percentage points.

"If the choice were between Cruz Bustamante, the Democrat and Tom McClintock, the Republican, who would you be more likely to vote for [ROTATED -- Cruz Bustamante, (or) Tom McClintock]?"

2003 Sep 25-27 ----- Bustamante - McClintock - NEITHER (vol.) - OTHER (vol.) - No opinion

Registered Voters ----- 42% ------- 49% --------- 6% ------------- * ------------- 3%

Probable Voters ------- 37% ------- 56% --------- 5% ------------- * ------------- 2%

(vol.) Volunteered response - * Less than 0.5%

Source: POLL ANALYSES - September 30, 2003 at: "Either McClintock or Schwarzenegger Likely Winner in California if Other Dropped Out - Most of vote for one candidate would go to other"

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