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Our First Year

I noted our one year anniversary and asked you to consider putting some money in our purse. A number of you responded, and we are very grateful. By the way, it’s not my purse we are talking about--I already have a motorcycle!--it’s the Ashbrook Center’s purse. Thank you. Here is a nice note from a reader:

"Congratulations on your first year. I have been with you from the beginning. I enjoy the kind of ’conversation’ that a blog represents--it’s like sitting down with a friend to talk over the events of the day, but more important are the references to other good articles, sites and papers. There are magazines that I would never subscribe to, nor visit regularly that occasionally have an important piece. There is something about this great swarm of information, of conflicting opinion, that far surpasses what a daily paper can offer.
Anyway, thanks, and Peter, make sure those other guys are holding up their end."

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