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Saddam round-up

claims that he was caught because of some tips we got during the interrogation of a guy we recently captured. Short.

Time recounts, in brief, some of his first responses to questioning once in custody. Ian Fisher of The New York Times writes a very engaging story about the confrontation between Saddam and four Iraqi leaders from the Governing Council. They were brought in to identify him. Although they could have done it through a video or from behind a mirror, they insisted on seing him in person. With General Sanchez and Paul Bremer in the room, they asked him some questions, he responded; note his very specific knowledge of French! The whole meeting could come from a Shakespeare play. Read it. Australian Broadcasting Service has some useful quotes from around the world. The two best are from soldiers. This New York Times article praises the spy agencies. Vernon Loeb of the WaPo wrote this profile about a month ago of Maj. Gen. Ray Odierno, the head of the Fourth Infantry Division. Good guy. The title for the operation, Operation Red Dawn, might be taken from a 1984 John Milius movie by the same name. American teenagers fight a Soviet invasion. They called themselves the Wolverines. American soldiers in Tikrit smoke a few cigars, enjoy the victory, but know that it’s not over. And they conduct a grafitti war: After Saddam’s supporters sprayed dozens of walls and suitable surfaces with slogans "Long live Saddam," one patrol added Sunday: "In jail forever." BBC drew a diagram of the hole we found him in.

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