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Condi, the press, and the polls

Howard Fineman writes about the Rice interview in front of the 9/11 Committee. Here is his point: "Stylistically and tactically, she was serviceable." And then: "But the larger picture she painted of herself, her president and the administration certainly won’t help George W. Bush’s re-election chances." Thanks Howard, that’s some serious thinking.
CNN conducts a poll right after her testimony, and uses this headline: "Poll: Rice testimony yields mixed results for White House. What does the poll show? "Forty percent of the 1,000 Americans polled said that the administration, based on the information it had, could have done more to stop the terrorist attacks, compared with 54 percent in a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted March 26-28." And then this: "Rice won the credibility race against former counterterrorism aide Richard Clarke -- who testified that the White House had ignored warnings about Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization. Forty-three percent of the poll’s participants said they were more likely to believe Rice, as opposed to 36 percent naming Clarke." Good headline, don’t you think?

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It’s hard to see how a 20 point swing in the administration’s favor in 2 weeks on the most important issue of the 21st century could possibly help Bush’s re-election chances.

Why do those people even conduct polls, if they’re going to completely ignore them?

They ignore them because they think they are smarter than "the ones being polled" AKA "The American People."

The polls they take are only to check how their propaganda machine is working on us and to see if they need to step it up or to change course.

I’m managing a local political campaign and we use polls as a gauge, but they do not run the campaign. The people are fickle; they’ll believe anything the press tells me them. Someone is telling us there’s a conspriacy afoot and we’re looking for it. So if you’re looking for it, everything will be suspsect. Then be suspect of what the media is telling you, too. Clarke is a sycophant, feeling smug and secure in his world this morning because he feels he has done something great and useful for the American people.

Condi Rice took on Bob Kerrey for his speech stating that we should TAKE DOWN Saddam and rightly so. If there are inconsistencies, then we don’t need look much further than the waffling done by Kerrey and Kerry and others in this matter. But the public doesn’t care. They are hungry to take down a man who has used faith and his belief in freedom to conquer evil and fear. And we’ve known for a LONG TIME in this country that terrorists were going to strike. It goes back to the Clinton administration - did he do anything? And no one seems to take Clinton to task for going into Somalia.

This is Easter Sunday, a time to reflect on the resurrection of Christ. A time to seek redemption and forgiveness, and to remember the sacrifice of Christ for us all. It is sad that we seek self-aggrandization and self-satisfaction through the destruction of others. Disagree all you want but remember the beauty of being a country that allows your diverse opinions. We are a country that has forgotten the selfless sacrifice of Christ; let’s hope we never forget the sacrifice of those who would believe in our Founding Father’s vision for freedom and liberty.

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