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Balanced news, again

The Los Angeles Times runs this front-page article on Thursday: "Long a Republican Bulwark, a Growing Arizona is in Play." O.K., that may be possible. It talks about how the state has grown, how many Californians, and Hispanics, have moved to the state, etc. But somewhere in the middle of this disengeneuous piece you discover that Bush that according to the latest poll is ahead by 16 points! Patterico says this: "Bush leads Kerry by 16 points, and the headline says a ’Republican bulwark’ is ’in play.’
I got news for you, L.A. Times. In California, a recent Rassmussen poll shows Kerry leading Bush, 50% to 42%. That’s a mere eight-point difference -- half the spread between Bush and Kerry in Arizona.

I look forward to your front-page article tomorrow: ’Long a Democratic Bulwark, a Growing California Is in Play.’"

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