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Ohio polls

A FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll released this afternoon found Bush ahead 49-44%, while the ABC poll says that Kerry is leading, 50-47%. ABC also found that the proposed amendment to the Ohio state constitution banning gay marriage is leading, 48-45%. The Ohio poll (University of Cincinnati), also released today has Kerry ahead, 48-46%. Also, Voinovich lead Democrat Eric Fingerhut for the Senate, 62-35%.

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I wonder what percent of that was paid in crack.

Seriously, though, that really should be front page news all over the place. So far the only paper I have seen cover it is the Toledo Blade.

It was touched on real briefly on the news here in central PA.

My question...if there are known problems with the voting in Ohio, what is being done to fix it?

Well, as a couple of later posts show, Ken Blackwell is doing his best to minimize fraud, and the Democrats are pre-emptively suing to prevent him from doing his job. It does not seem unreasonable to me to (1) require that people go to the proper polling place; (2) try to prevent people from registering - and voting - 30 different times at 30 different addresses; or (3) not allow "Mary Poppins" or other fictional characters to vote. But lo and behold, "that is voter suppression!" To the courts!

Give me a break.

Well, here in PA we have rules that you must vote in your exceptions. I can’t see why people would really think that to do otherwise would be wrong. Unless, of course, playing by the rules would hurt your chances of winning.

I’m shocked that Issue 1 is so close. Similar issues sailed thru in Missouri & Louisiana.

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