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Joseph Knippenberg fears that Kerry’s works do indeed reveal his faith, and that’s precisely what he fears. Kerry has thus far campaigned "as the candidate of unlimited, illimitable human power." Andrew Busch says that voters are weary of the charges and the countercharges in the campaign. They are ready for something more positive.
Bush should go positive at the end: "If Bush decides to go largely positive at the end, he should tell the story of his administration straight into the camera, and then explain clearly what he wants to do (including the "ownership society"). A heartfelt narrative would be better than a recitation of familiar campaign lines. It may even be time to revive the art of the election-eve 15 to 30 minute televised broadcast. All indications are that voters’ interest is high this year, as it was in 1992 when Ross Perot had surprising success with that format." Bill Safire also thinks that the purveyors of fear will lose.  

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