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Kerry thinking about 2008

Some mornings all seems to be well in the world. Arafat has gone into a deeper coma (whatever that means), we’re taking back Fallujah, Howard Dean is thinking about running for DNC chairman, and John Kerry is staying in the fight and is even thinking about running in 2008. Sometime "God tests you" said Kerry, and noted that Ronald Reagan (one of his heroes, of course) tried a couple of times before becoming president. Also note some of Bob Shrum’s comments in the article, as well. How can one be wrong so often and still have a job? It’s a real pretty day.

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Talk about being wrong! Given that Bush won in 2000, the Republicans gained in both houses of Congress in 2002, Bush won again in 2004 and the Republicans also gained in the House and Senate, what does Terry McAullife have to do to lose his job?

True, Ronald Reagan had to run twice before he won the presidency. But he wasn’t nominated by his party the first time: he lost to Ford. The first time he was nominated, he won. The situation is not comparable to Kerry’s, who won the nomination, but lost the presidency, the first time he tried.

Should we start printing bumper stickers: "Kerry/Gore in Four!" ?

I don’t know what a shrink would say, but there must be a state of mind where denial is the only refuge of a badly wounded soul. To me, if Kerry is truely seeking another run, he is living in a dream world where he can imagine he actually wins at some point. Does he need vindication, redemtion, what? Give it up, man. We don’t hate you. Never did. We just don’t want you to lead us. Welcome to an ordinary life.

As a Republican, I can only HOPE that Kerry runs again. And, I hope that Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, Jane Smiley, and Robert Reich speak at the Democratic National Convention!

The last Democrat to be nominated for President a second time without having won was Adlai Stevenson. The Democrats are not forgiving of electoral failure.

The last such Republican, of course, was RMN, peace be upon him.

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