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Ohio recount is over

The Washington Post reports that the recount in Ohio--initiated by two minor parties, at the cost to taxpayers of about a million bucks--is over and Kerry gained 285 votes. Bush won the state by 118,457 votes. The WaPo headline reads "Recount in Ohio Narrows Bush’s Victory Margin." Well done. Thank you.

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Narrows the margin indeed . . .

NY Daily News ran this headline:

Tiny blip for Kerry in Ohio, which seems a bit more accurate.

Maybe we can get Congress to ram through some legislation that makes recounts illegal, except when a Republican candidate wants one.

RR, I think the purpose of the post was to point out the ridiculous headline, which indicated a pretty clear bias, rather than to criticize the existence of recount provisions. Do you dispute that 285 votes out of 120,000 ought to have been covered differently? An honest headline would have said, "Recount fails to show any net change" or "Recount proves insignificant." Instead, the WaPo used a misleading headline to sell more papers and fuel conspiracy theories. This isn’t reporting - it’s cheerleading for the left.

Hey Moe!!!

Why don’t you slide another Duff beer down this way??!!?? Rock on!

- Hippie Killer

Thanks, HK. You’re the first person who has acknowledged the reference.

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