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Cynthia McKinney #1

It didn’t take long for my representative to embarrass me. Here’s a little nugget from NRO’s "The Corner" (you’ll have to scroll down just a little). Of course, she could just be paying the campaign debt she owes to Maxine Waters.

Update:You can tell something about people by the company they keep. Here’s a story about a rally in Lafayette Park this morning (McKinney wasn’t there, but her allies were) and here’s the Al Jazeera account of what’s transpiring. Whee!

Update #2: I somehow missed this article when it came out.

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"You can tell something about people by the company they keep." - so, what about the right and Rush Limbaugh - didn’t your Claremonte school give him some prize not long ago? - Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and that whole crew??? I have a hunch that this little truism only applies in one direction.

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