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London Times interviewed Udo Voigt, leader of the German far-right National Party of Germany. He addresses rallies using the slogan: “We are everywhere.” They won 9% of the vote in Saxony. Polls suggest that 14% of Germans share his views.

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14% is frightening. Thanks to the idiocy of the multi-party system, that might give these clowns an inordinate amount of power someday.

What’s got people so angry there that so many of them would vote for neoNazis? Immigrants, false pride, what? While I never underestimate the raw evil people can generate, when so many fall into evil ways I always wonder what’s going on in the social system (in short, what’s wrong and what can be done about it?).

While it’s certainly disturbing that a significant number of voters would support fascism, they are far fewer than the voters throughout Europe who have shown support for communism, which is no less evil and has generated a much higher body count.

Economic factors have a lot to do with it. It does not help that the unemployment rate in Germany is always more than 12%. That’s a lot of angry people in need of scapegoats. There would not be so many extremists if European governments stopped ruining their economies with neo-socialism.

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