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The Bush Doctrine explained

Here is the transcript of President Bush’s speech at the National Defense University a few hours ago. This is the Washington Post story on it. Although I have yet to hear the speech, it reads well, and seems to be a continuation of the Second Inaugural, being somewhat more explicit, understandable, now that things are breaking in the the mid-East.

Even the Left wing London Independent is asking, "Was Bush right after all?" And Jefferson Morley recounts the current European persepective on the same question. Useful links. And this is Faud Ajami’s take on the "mighty storm" enveloping the Arab world.

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Here’s a consice list of dim bulbs growing brighter...Here

It couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of folks. Since the left continuously refused to understand or believe this could be possible, they now are in total confusion. Like being hit by lightening, they never saw this comming.

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