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Condi Rice on guns

Although she has said this before, it is worth noting again that Secretary of State Condi Rice said some good things on the Second Amendment on Larry King’s show. How can one not like this woman!

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While I like her position and attitude, it’s just more proof that she isn’t intending to run for office.

Condi did very well in this interview. The more face time she gets, the better.

Run her for VP in ’08.

1. Her position is where most Americans (including most Dem’s are) Pro Gun rights with regulation I agree with her position.

2. The racism and the extreme hatred that our country experienced and to some extent still does is reprehensible. It is a terrible thing that she and her family had to go through that.

3. How can one not like her? Dropped the ball on 911 and dropped the ball on Iraq intelligence, got promoted. I guess I don’t "dislike" her so much as have no confidence in her.

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