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I just read over at Mere Comments that Baylor has fired David Lyle Jeffrey as Provost. This is, I think, very bad news for those who favored the Baylor attempt to create a first-rate "merely Christian" research university.

A little more here

For more on Jeffrey’s positions, which seem now to be in eclipse at Baylor, go here and here.

These stories suggest the beginnings of a wholesale administrative transition (especially striking is no mention thus far of Jeffrey’s demise), which is unusual for a "mere" interim president.

I’ll see if I can dig up more.

Update: Here’s the press release why indicates that Jeffrey is being replaced. The interim Provost is J. Randall O’Brien, who once called for "amending, not ending" Baylor 2012. He also authored a positive review of Imperial Hubris, which indicates that he’s a political liberal.

For all sorts of baseless rumors and snide commentary (from both sides), you can’t beat this message board..

Update # 2: In the light of recent events, this conference (invited speakers include Jeffrey, Sloan, and Schmeltekopf) will bear watching.

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