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Manliness, a short review

Others are now reading Mansfield’s Manliness. Some underemployed Hotspur sent this in: "No manly man would write a book explaining manliness, even if he could. He would be ashamed. This is the kind of thing women and womanish philosophers do. A manly man would be even more ashamed or less capable by nature, if possible, to write a review of a book explaining manliness. It was no surprise to me, then, that the first reviews I noticed of Harvey Mansfield’s Manliness were all written by women. But what was I doing reading reviews (by women no less!) of a book on manliness? It was as if I were not merely putting on mascara, but looking for new application techniques in Cosmo. I suppose I have sufficiently unmanned myself to write a review of my own. Desperately clinging to a shattered illusion of manhood, I will keep it short: Socrates will always need Achilles, but the women can get along without Socrates."

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By Hera, I think that hombre’s right! I guess I’ll just have to get back to my weaving.

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