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Latino boycott opposed

Many Latino groups oppose the May 1st boycott.  

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First of all, although I do have an opinion on the matter, this comment is meant to be apolitical. An observation, if you will. I think the Hispanics in America and the Sunnis in Iraq have each learned a similar lesson lately- you don’t want to cause too big of a ruckus in a country in which you are the distinct minority. Just as the recent bombing of the super-holy Shiite mosque led the Shiites to launch a nation-wide counter attack against the Sunnis, so too are the Hispanic protests leading the majority of Americans to get angry about the subject and care much more than they normally would. This is not to the advantage of the Hispanic community.

Obviously the situation in Iraq is much more dire, but I think the political lesson to be learned is similar. The Sunnis seem to be much more interested in joining the political process and keeping sectarian violence to a minimum, just as the Hispanic community is starting to second guess the massive (and, indeed, impressive) national protests they’ve been holding.

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