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Although many things can be noted in this Plain Dealer piece on Ohio politics (including the anti-Republican prejudice), the most important thing is the poll that shows Ken Blackwell beating Jim Petro in the GOP primary for governor by 21%. That is about right. In my reading Petro can’t get more than 35% of the vote. This will complicate things for the GOP establishment, most of whom have been in denial about Blackwell’s popularity. Now, they will have to be quickly persuaded that the future of the GOP in Ohio depends on how well Blackwell does against Ted Strickland in November. Although the Strickland folks think it will be easier for him to run against Blakwell than Petro, they are wrong. Blackwell should win the general election in November with relative ease, I predict, and his popularity will pull the rest of the party with him, and will even help De Wine in his re-election to the U.S. Senate.

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Peter, I think that you are correct, Blackwell is going to be a formidable candidate.

The one thing that worries me about Blackwell is the article in the Toledo Blade that said McCain may ask him to be on the ticket for ’08. I can’t stand McCain and would really believe Blackwell to be insane to accept it. I wish someone would run against DeWine, the guy’s been there way too long and is useless.

Just 21 more hours and Blackwell’s victory is official.

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