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Illegal music downloads?

Alberto Gonzales was asked if his kids ever downloaded music illegaly: "Of course not. I remind them: I AM the law!"

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That would make me want to do it more, if I were one of his kids . . . heh . . .

[cruel snipe] That comment certainly cheapens your political beliefs...

No more than just believing something because daddy told me to (or that HE was the LAW).

Actually, I have always thought that obeying your parents when what they tell you to do (if it is moral and legal) is indeed a virtue, but alas, there is disobedience in the world.

Let’s hope Alberto Gonzales sets a better example for his kids than Ted Kennedy did for his.

Humorous liberal here... a few years back, the CONSTITUTION was the law, and the Attorney General served it. But hey, things change.

Yes, I meant humorless liberal. Typo.

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