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Democrats are having gas pains: the pump price keeps falling! Heavens: there goes a talking point. Here’s Rich Lowry and Rick Newman on the amusing spectacle.

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While the experts on the news seem to believe that we are looking at decades of "low" prices at the pump, I am going to wait until prices fall below $2.00 and then stay there awhile (like, after November) before I cross over.

One station here in Ashland is selling regular unleaded for $1.99. Actually, when controlled for inflation, this is somewhat less than Americans paid for gas in the 1950s. Prices then were roughly 30 cents a gallon, which translates to just over $2 a gallon in today’s money.

John -- That is encouraging, to be sure (though I am paying 2.65, due to state & county taxes). That is still less than the 3.39 high that we were paying awhile ago.

Let’s talk again in --say-- January??

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