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Prophetic witness and civil tone

MOJ’s Elizabeth Schiltz calls attention to something that Richard John Neuhaus says in response to Christopher Levenick’s very fine CRB review essay. She applies Levenick’s stress on Christians as pilgrims to the discussion of Christian lawyers as prophets that I noted here. Levenick says that

we are pilgrims more than prophets, ...we pass through this City of Man as strangers in a strange land, longing for and ultimately arriving, we pray, in the City of God. And until we achieve that distant Kingdom, we will do best to recognize each other’s good intentions, offer one another patient correction, and pray for our mutual betterment, and withal follow the counsel of Micah, to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.

Schiltz then quotes Fr. Neuhaus:

[I]t may be that you cannot always do all three at once. There is, I would suggest, an ordering of imperatives in Micah’s counsel. When you do not know what justice requires, or cannot do what you believe justice requires, then at least love mercy; and when you discover, as you inevitably will, how difficult is such love, then, at the very least, walk humbly with God.

I like that, both for the attorneys who might be tempted to prophecy and for others who prophetically find all too many scoundrels out and about.

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The camping trip is over?? What disasters this time?

Well, the forecast calls for tornados this evening....

The only disaster was the mother of all catfish, which, of course, got away. I have no reason to doubt my tentmate, a deacon in our church, is telling the truth. Those who were with him affirm his story, though they will not quite endorse his claim that it was three feet long.

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