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Peripatetic Blogging . . .

. . . could soon be coming your way.

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Oh, they've done it completely wrong...bloggers don't need a treadmill, as if their discourse is the sort used when strolling the Lyceum with peripatetic Aristotle, no, what they need is a punching bag. And, duh, for the Kos Kids/Amanda Marcotte types, the bag needs to have the president's face on it.

Here's the way it should work: everytime a lefty blogger wants to use a cussword, or words like "fascist," "neo-con," and "Abu Graihb," his keyboard will refuse to produce the word unless he hits the punching bag with requisite force. Threats will require full-on body-slams! Ugnh! Michael Moore's America will get fit in no time. Instead of "no pain, no gain," it will be Unless you perspire, no internet ire!

Cool . . . it could be like a Wii. The possibilities are endless.

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