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New Mayor of London

An odd and colorful character named Boris Johnson has been elected the mayor of London, the first Conservative ever elected to the post. More: "In the local elections, Labour lost more than 300 councillors and slumped to a humiliating third place behind the Liberal Democrats in the share of the vote – a full 20 points behind Mr Cameron’s Conservatives."

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If so, he's one of those oddballs who knows what he's doing. After all, nothing succeeds like success. Johnson's decisive ouster of the egregious and dangerous "Red Ken" is potentially a very important event.

Perhaps now we'll know what would have happened if Buckley had won in New York.

The position isn't that powerful, but it's not nothing. Most encouraging is the fact that an enormous, multiracial city is still able to elect someone sensible, and against an incumbent no less. It may give the British hope that they can still determine their own destiny, not succumb to Islamists.
I'd be interested to know the role that the issues of immigration, assimilation and terrorism played in the council races around the country.

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