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Clinton Gaffe

Our Secretary of State handed her Russian counterpart a present, with a word on it, the wrong word. Both meaningful and amusing.

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Why isn't the Left outraged that Sec. Clinton would use an adverstising gimmick from an Office Depot ad as a way to deal with Russian foreign relations.

It is obvious she is in the pocket of the office supply industry, and she doesn't even know Russian!!

Apparently she's been screwing up left and right, mispronoucing names and declaring that American democracy is older than anything democratic and European. But is the MSM covering?

She inherited the gaffes from the previous administration and the depth of the gaffe crisis demonstrates the need to move quickly on cutting the deduction on charitable giving and instituting a cap and trade program.

It takes a village to reset a childish stunt like this one--they should have called it a "recess" button.

Message to world's thugs: "We mean you no harm!"

I heard that the Dragon Lady now wants to give a towel to Ahmadinejad that says "we surrender."

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