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Happy Fourth of July

I hope you enjoy the Fourth. Before reading the Declaration of Independence out loud, you might consider re-reading Jefferson’s Rough Draft And then see a couple of good speeches/messages on this day by: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and Calvin Coolidge.

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To complete your day of document devotion, be sure to read about this prank that was pulled on Jefferson by one of his mathematician friends. A bit too clever, apparently. [Fear not - notice it's a Wall Street Journal link, and it's NOT a Thomas Frank column!]

I'll be in Quebec on the Fourth, skipping the hot dogs in favor of poutine. And Happy (belated) Canada Day, too, by the way! ;)

And thanks very much for my first Fourth of July card.

Bit of a [nice] surprise

I can't believe nobody's mentioned Your Sarah's resignation (by July 26th) yet! Your Friends over at The Corner are all over it.

Anyway, here's some Fourth of July-ish absurd schmaltz from the Serious Journalists at Fox"News". Be careful if you've got a belly full of burgers and potato salad!

Craig: Didn't see much wrong with the ad?

I think it is worth noting that Douglass' speech was delivered on the 5th, and that the last section of the speech had the title The Constitution above it. One of the best orators in America's history, IMO.

Craig, why'd you wait so long to head for Canada? Most of your friends went there after Bush was reelected in 2004. Whatever. DOn't hurry back.

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