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Virginia Election Returns

This is the official Virginia site for election returns.  I know that McDonnell has already won, but note the size of the victory and the GOP sweep of all state-wide offices by equally large percentages; of course, this may close some before the end of the night; but it looks impressive.  You can also follow the General Assembly returns by clicking here.

What was I thinking?  I cooked some salmon, with onions, mushrooms, and lots of lemon, had a couple of glasses of King Estate Pinot Gris, and then followed it with a CAO Cameroon, and then settled in to watch TV returns.  I can't tell you how dissapointed I am....Nothing, no one (on either side) doing much thinking aloud; everybody is reading day-old scraps of notes handed to them by faction leaders.  Very boring and, actually, a bit embarrassing.  Darn it.  So I am going back to reading Michael Walsh's Hostile Intent.  A rip-roaring story...plenty of bad guys, great gadgets, some women--good and bad--and the whole good world at stake and, wouldn't you know it, one good guy--"his soul an unquiet eddy, his fortune dark, and his fame doubtful"--is trying to save us all.  I hope he does.  I think he will.
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The heck with the elections ... I can't get past the salmon, wine and cigar element of this! Hmmmm ...

These elections tonight are a case of Hate triumphing over Hope; but don't count the American people out just yet. The special intrests may be celebrating now, but we will win in the end. Yes We Can!!!!!

Um? The American people have enough chutzpah that they don't need 'hope.'

It seems to me that the American people are starting to see through the hatemongering that Michelle represents. Thus far, her post is the only one that's full of hate and anger.

Hey everyone, I have nothing to be angry about. Up in New York the Republican and Democrat united to defeat the small-tent reactionary. So, there is one more Democratic seat in the House of Representatives.
Let's see, there are now how many republican representatives from all of New England and New York? 2 count'em, 2. And how many GOP senators from states east of Ohio and north of North Carolina? 2, count'em, 2 (and Senators Snowe and Collins are rather open-minded republicans.).

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