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The Economist lays out in about three pages (in the hard copy) what is going on and why "the situation is grim."  This seems relatively--and unfortunately--solid reporting.  It is a mess.  The government is corrupt, more and more warlords (and "private" security companies), now more soldiers, and the "near impossible task now falls to the impressive, persistent, but human General Petraeus."  Despite all, I think he would not wish himself any where but where he is.  Godspeed.
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You can't win a "police action." Time to take off the gloves and invade the Pakistani "tribal" lands. You'll have to beat the living hell out of the Pashtuns before there will be in real peace in that area.

Or, maybe give them there own state.

What is ACORN up to now? Watch the video at to find out what ACORN has become. Track former leaders to ensure that we know when ACORN attempts to create new groups using fake names to continue their work.

Unfortunately for our outstanding and awesome military, we have the red diaper doper babies of the sixties running the White House and making military decisions best left to the military. They live in the past and can't get past their torch war Vietnam. Every war since Vietnam has been Vietnam for them. There is no hope for the White House. They are poster children for not legalizing pot.

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