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If Gregg Jaffe's (WaPo) characterization of McChrystal's retirement ceremony is honest (I assume it is) it reveals much good about our military, civil-military relations, and, of course, McCrystal's character (never mind the character of the country as a whole).  Although the wit and humor, and pith and eloquence (and McChrystal's long speech on his wife)  are relevant, note this from the Defense Secretary.  Gates called the general "one of America's greatest warriors," and then said this: "We say goodbye to Stan McChrystal with pride and sadness.  No single American has inflicted more fear or more loss of life on our country's most vicious and violent enemies."  Not a bad epitaph.
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You know what I find most fascinating about all this?

Do you have any idea how long it takes to get normal retirement paperwork through the system? Much less get a ceremony or award set up?

Sheesh...I bet these generals even have their own place to eat...

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