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College students’ engagement

This story in the Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the latest finding by National Survey of Student Engagement, and it’s a shocker!

"Only about 11 percent of full-time students say they spend more than 25 hours per week preparing for their classes -- the amount of time that faculty members say is necessary to succeed in college. Forty-four percent spend 10 hours or less studying.

Yet students’ grades do not suggest that they are unprepared for their academic work: About 40 percent of students say they earn mostly A’s, with 41 percent reporting that they earn mostly B’s." Here is the whole report, Student Engagement (PDF file, 52 pages).

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This is not surprising, huh? There are a lot of college-educated people out there who are totally culturally illiterate and have nonsensical degrees for fields in which they could easily have had a high school diploma. So many graduate from college in this country, and we have an information revolution, and yet we know less and less and lack a common cultural literacy. Students are not challenged by great books, are obviously not studying, and yet walk away from college with over-inflated grades. This bodes ill for the future.

That’s not surprising. I never studied in high school, but managed good grades. Teachers kept telling me to apply myself, that I’d need to work harder in college. I didn’t.

I ended up at a small college that offered me a good financial aid package. It’s a good school, and I liked it, but sometimes I wish I’d gone somewhere more academically demanding. I rarely spent more than 10 or 12 hours a week on coursework, except during finals week. My final semester, I took 19 credit hours -- all upper-level in my major, with the exception of a 2-credit finance class. That was the only semester of college that I can say was truly *difficult.*

Don’t get me wrong; I did good work. It’s not like I was slacking off all those semesters when I didn’t study more than 10 hours a week. It’s just that professors didn’t demand it.

I’m not going to disclose my exact GPA, but it was above 3.9.

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