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Homeland Security and Turducken (briefly)

I missed the Homeland Security panel, as I was popping between meetings and the conference. I did hear that Lino Graglia suggested that honest Americans should not have anything to hide, and that therefore they should welcome the added surveillance and potential intrusions into privacy because it will aid in apprehending the terrorists. While this was related to me second hand and therefore may fall short of adequately capturing Graglia’s thoughts, the suggestion is nonetheless disturbing. While the government should not be unduly hobbled in its efforts to collect intelligence, this interest in security should not necessarily mean casting aside ordinary protections for individuals "persons, houses, papers and effects."

It would have been good to have seen the panels, and I would be interested in your thoughts on them. So far, I have heard a lot of anxieties on both sides of the issues, but fewer substantiated facts.

On the subject of turducken, it is cooked with different stuffing in each layer (including, for example, Oyster dressing in one layer, and a spicy dressing with sausage in another) and is roasted, not deep fried. You can see a picture of a finished turducken on the right side of this web page. There is also an interactive link on the right side of the same page which has audio and pictures describing the process of making a turducken.

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