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Frist’s Race Problem

If you thought Lott’s statements on affirmative action on BET were bad, what about a program which seeks to impose a predetermined level of diversity not in admissions, but in graduation. According to a policy analyst in DC, this is precisely what Frist proposed about four years ago for, of all things, medical schools. The program would have given a big pot of money to schools which met proportional graduation goals, creating incentives to consider race not just in admission, but in grading. Leaving aside the legal arguments and even the non-legal arguments associated with race--do we really want incentives for medical schools to simply give a pass to any student?

Frist now appears to be the front-runner for Majority Leader. If he wants to show that he is a leader on the racial issues which have provided the impetus for him to become leader, he must explain whether he still supports such a policy.

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Shall we say, "out of the fire and into the frying pan?"

I hear Bush is for quotas, too. And unemployment insurance extensions, and CFR, and tariffs, and big pork jobs (Farm Bill), and federal education planning, and immigration amnesty, and...

I guess, if a guy is for tax cuts and a tough military we cons will follow him anywhere, huh?

Look as far as I am concerned, getting strict constructionist judges is the paramount goal. If we ladle out a little gravy here or there to build a stronger mandate than 50%, it may not be philosophically pure but it is quite understandable politically. We have been in the wilderness for 40 + years. Lets try to stay in power for more than 6 months!!!

Frist did a great job of recruiting candidates, raising funds and supporting condidates. And he should be immune from the charges of the race baiters. Heck the Republicans aren’t going to get significant black votes anyway, but they can make inroads with Hispanics and just need to not lose moderates and women with a Senate leader who is vulnerable to charges of being a closet racist who slipped and let his true feelings show.

Off with his head.

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