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James Bond and Justice

This is a pretty good review of Die Another Day by Bruce Sanborn. It mixes up Bond, Reagan and Homer Simpson nicely. If anyone has seen "The Two Towers", give me your opinion.

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Just got back from seeing The Two Towers. I should’a gone to church instead.
I have read the entire Trilogy three times (starting in ’67), and reread the second volume in preparation for seeing the movie.
Jackson follows the main story, but changes a great deal to very little effect. I cannot for the life of me figure out why he made most of the changes he made. He’s added a love triangle that isn’t there, and made Faramir into a idiot.
The movie actually drags. I almost couldn’t wait for it to finish! And this is from a guy who raved about the first one. The Fellowship matched the book in so many ways, that I couldn’t beleive it. The only thing I didn’t like about the first movie, is that Aragorn is too young.
The good news, is that it won’t be hard to wait for the third installment.

Brad Preston

The Two Towers is a great movie.
A great movie should take some liberties with the text. A movie develops things differently than a book does, just from the fact of being a different medium. This being said, the Trilogy will probably always be better on paper. But this is probably just because it was one of the first books I read and reread. Of course the movie is good enough to watch a second time. The "idea" is even good enough to make me purchase the video game. In a sense I will be slightly disapointed if the video game rigidly follows the book or the movie. In a different medium I expect the producers to recreate the essence, and loosely incorporate the very text to the stronger and altogether different possibilities that a video game could maximize.

In the end there is something about the "second hand" creative process (making a movie or making a video game from the vision of another author) that is itself an act of creation. Think how often text makes for horrible movies. Even more difficult will be translation of text and movie into video game. Almost all of these are complete failures. It is very difficult to change mediums. If the video game does more than simply ride the coat tails of the book or movie it will be a very rare/virtuous occurence.

The game has been out, and reviews are mixed, but I will have to wait till the 25th to remove it from under the tree.

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