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Bush, Iraq, and the U.N.

There are an overwhelming number of reports (especially on what passes for television news) stating that it is absolutely necessary to continue the inspections in Iraq for many more months, that there is no smoking gun, that our allies are deserting us, that even Tony Blair is waffling, that there is a real anti-war movement in the US, that Bush’s poll numbers are dropping. In the meantime reports say that Bush continues to be "icreasingly bellicose", that he is now out on a limb, and our policy (and his presidency) is at stake. It goes on; you get the point. Let me just make an assertion here: It is the United Nations and its credibility that is at stake. Bush warned the UN not to become irrelevant. His first step in the process of trying to save the UN worked, I see no reason why the second step shouldn’t. The UN must go along with Bush on Iraq or it really will become irrelevant. Only the short sighted do not see this. This is the real issue. Does anyone think that the Saddam’s tyranny will last into the summer? Bush’s state of he Union talk should be the turning point in all this, and very few in the establishment media think that he can pull it off. I respectfully disagree. So far, he pulled it off at every turn and these self-same folks doubted that he would; they have misunderestimated him. Even the public press reports prove that Iraq has violated UN Security Council resolution 1441. If the UN doesn’t give it’s blessing to US action, it will become irrelevant. I tell you that if I were a UN leader I would not like the wrath of Bush to come down on me. And it will, right after Iraq falls without the UN’s blessing, even if it is without a war. It would be the beginning of the end for the UN. All of this will be clear by mid-February.

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Peter - good observations. Here’s a fantasy of how I would play it if I were Bush. If the UN fails to act against Iraq – and North Korea, for that matter, as it will come before the Sec Council – then we kick the UN out of the United States and withdraw completely. No money, no aid, no support, no membership. Without the world’s biggest player, the UN will fall apart just like the League of Nations did.

Even better, why don’t we withdraw anyway and start a new organization for democracies only. You either have a just, democratic and free government with free markets, free speech and freedom of worship, or you don’t belong. Charter members: The US, England, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, Turkey (yes!), Kenya, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the new Afghanistan, India, Mexico, Brazil, the Bahamas, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and others whom are at peace with their own people. Notice whom I didn’t include: nearly every nation run by Arab Muslims, much of Africa and China – all controlled by very repressive and oppressive thugs. I also didn’t include France or Germany, because governments without spines need not apply.

We’ll call it the Freedom Club.

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