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A Good Teacher Lost

An idealistic young teacher, a recent Yale grad, leaves the Gore campaign, becomes a teacher in an inner city school, and discovers how bad it is and why. The story reads like fiction, but it’s true. Sit back with two coffees and enjoy the horror.  

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So there is a performance gap between the races. Is it any wonder? This account does not deal with peer pressure against "acting white". So the remedy should be preferences to get into Colleges? This is absolute insanity. What is compassionate about protecting a situation like this? I am filled with despair.

This is probably the exception and not the rule. If Dr. Terrence Moore read this he would no doubt go off on a rampage. If I were teaching in such a school I borrow a page from Dr. Moore, open up with a discussion of the dark ages, and then recreate a feudal system hierarchy with the strongest students serving as knights. The knights would then no doubt become initiators of force, but once they have accepted a title for doing so, they could be brought to follow a higher code. On the political side, an article like this actually argues in favor of affirmative action, in so far as those black students who wish to go to college, show themselves willing to follow a higher code and become in a sense knights to the community from which they came. Given relatively equal GPA or SAT scores, I wouldn’t resent losing a scholarship to a kid who overcame such odds. But that is the crux, if Republicans are going to end up giving in to the Democrats on Affirmative Action, do so in a way that makes some sense. Have College Affirmative Action based not upon race directly, but upon how horrible the school the person attended was. Only a limited number of people would try to take advantage of the system by sending their kids to such a horrible school. Then again this might hurt those who go to private schools. I can’t see any prudent way to do affirmative action.

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