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Anti-French Story, not funny

Tom DeLay (who received the Ashbrook Award for this year at CPAC!) tells the following story at this end of this WaPo article on how Congress is irritated at the French (thanks to Kathryn Lopez at NRO): "I was at a celebration of India’s Independence Day," he told reporters, "and a
Frenchman came walking up to me and started talking to me about Iraq, and it was obvious we were not going to agree. And I
said, ’Wait a minute. Do you speak German?’ And he looked at me kind of funny and said, ’No, I don’t speak German.’ And I
said, ’You’re welcome,’ turned around and walked off."

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I think it’s pretty damn funny.

You know, back in the 30’s there was a guy who ran a country and thumbed his nose at several resolutions agreed upon by the world community and agreed to by his country. We collectively turned a blind eye because no one wanted a conflict, as he violated these agreements. We all figured he was contained and wouldn’t be a problem. A few years later, he occupied France and many other nations. It cost several million lives to right his wrongs, among them liberating France. Here we are years later faced with a similar situation. A very vocal group cries out that we should find a peaceful solution. Wake up - we’ve been trying this for 12 years. To continue to pretend this will work will be EXACTLY like turning a blind eye to Hitler. Only, this time our nations (the US) leaders are learning from the past and have decided to act instead of taking a cowardly stance until it’s too late. You would think the French of all people, being the victims of unchecked agression TWICE in the last century, and needing to be rescued by us, would see the wisdom in acting now, before it gets out of control. But they don’t. Why? Because they only care about themselves. They are ungratefull and spineless. Sprechen Sie Deutsches?

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