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I am happy to report to you (in case you haven’t heard) that the Soc Dems took a real beating in provincial (Lower Saxony and Hesse) elections in Germany yesterday. The fact that Lower Saxony is Schroder’s home base is especially notable. Also note that the German-French Axis (aka "Axis of Weasel") is already on the way toward disintegration; the French are more likely--as I have been saying they would--to more quickly return to the American fold than the Germans. This means that the Germans will be left alone, as the sole Weasel. In the end, of course, I think even they’ll turn back as well, but they are hurt by all this, as is the possibility of European integration under French-German leadership. The other countries (Poland, Hungary, et al) got a taste of what that leadership would be like, and they don’t like the taste. I love the way the foreign minister of Portugal put it: the French and the Germans will have to get used to, in a 25-member EU, "geometrical variations" outside their own axis. Worth two cups of contemplation.    

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It would seem that simply saying two cups of coffee is not enough...
Schramm is now providing a visual definition. I think he is purposefully doing this to win over those in education who believe in Demonstrative definitions (reading with pictures). It is highly likely that he is doing this to annoy those who advocate phonics based reading programms.
I am just kidding... I like the No Left Turns Mug, and I have a suggestion. Why not put them on Ebay?

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