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More on Old Europe vs. New Europe

Pejman led me to this article by Nick Schultz on the respective populations of the Old and New Europe; you should be encouraged by it. Here is the punch line:

"The fact remains that 100 million more Europeans, speaking through their
elected representatives, stand with the United States than stand opposed
to the United States. The difference represents twice the population of
France and is a quarter more than the population of Germany. It is France
and Germany that are not only in a minority but are in a relatively small

Oh yes, one more thing, while we are on the subject of Europe old and new: Turkey will allow the US to use bases in case of need. This needs pointing to because of the continual pounding by CBS, NBC, ABC, et al, that after all, our efforts are not multilateral; please, wake up and smell the Iraqi coffee brewing. Make enough to last a few weeks.  

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