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NBIC (Nanotechnology, plus)

The New York Times has a relatively clear article on how nanotechnology, biotechnology, electronics, and brain research on converging into some new field for now called NBIC (for Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Science, and Cognitive science). Here is the site of the National Nanotechnology Initiative. Fascinating, but like a pretty woman strolling, fundamentally mysterious. Yet, you may want to file it, for a later look.

"The organizers believe that there are potentially large benefits to nanotechnology, which focuses on materials and processes with
dimensions so small they are affected by the behavior of individual atoms and molecules. But they say the greatest opportunities
lie in bridging the gaps between the rapidly growing ranks of nanoengineers and researchers in other fields — professionals who
often use such different terms to describe their work that their common interests go unnoticed.

For instance, nanotechnology researchers suspect that the natural world’s ability to assemble atoms into complex tissues with
very exact specifications may hold the key to making vast quantities of minute, inexpensive pollution sensors or solar cells.
Bioengineers, on the other hand, are looking to artificial nanostructures as possible drug delivery systems or as scaffolds to help
injured organs repair themselves."

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the web page above has some cool information on how the U.S. army is planning to spend a few million on nanotechnology that will be blended into clothing so as to report back on the vital signs of troops... this field has the potential to change a lot of things.

The Army contract was awarded to MIT in 2002, if they could deliver on half of the hype in the next 20 years (the contract is only for 5 years) I will be very impressed.

Supposedly the clothing could also be lightweight and bullet proof and also carry with it healing properties...

Think about the ultimate Batman costume...

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