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A liberal faculty member (whom I have known for years) confronted me yesterday morning just before my 8 A.M. class to make the following points: She was wondering why there were no Iraqis welcoming the American troops with flowers, and was hoping that the first American soldiers Iraqis would meet would be the nice guys, the tender and loving ones, rather than, you know, the typical American hard-ass-take-no-prisoner kind of soldier most of them are. She knew the nicer ones would make a good impression on the Iraqis, and so few of them were nice. She obviously understands nothing about the American character and the things for which we stand (which is my main objection to liberals; it’s not policy disagreements). I became so angry that I had to leave her, went to class, and taught it as best I could. I know something about American soldiers, what they are like, what they do, and how they do it, and the gratitude that those freed by their presence feel. These warriors in Iraq are American warriors and they perfectly reflect what is best about this unique nation. And I honor them. This open letter to America’s soldiers in today’s Wall Street Journal by Barbara J. Makuch is better than anything I could say on the subject. Please read it all. I also include this photograph of American soldiers taking a well deserved break from their work on behalf of freedom in a Saddam Hussein palace in Baghdad.

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Please let us know if she has been able to watch some of the TV coverage of the jubilation in downtown Baghdad today. And if it has any effect at all on her... thinking.

What a despicable person your fellow faculty member is and how terrible it is that she is an educator.

Thanks for putting a link to my letter on your site. It was written for the many people who feel as I do, and are eternally grateful for our lives. Yes, I watched the jubilation in Baghdad, along with my mother, and we cried with happiness at their joy. We also remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of others, who may never know their names, but who nevertheless will be indebted to these brave men and women.


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