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Pygmies Appeal to UN

The London Times reports that pygmies in the Congo--caught up in the civil war--are appealing to the UN because they are being slaughtered and eaten, being hunted down as if they were "game animals." I anxiously await the UN’s response.

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Another African horror show. I agree about the UN’s inablity to do anything about this but in fairness where is the US on this one? I understand that we have troops committed to other problems in the world and we would be stretched too thin if we went into the D.R. of Congo but why aren’t we even talking about the situation in the D.R. of Congo.

I lived in Zaire under Mobutu. The tyrant who died in 1997, was replaced by someone equally horrible, or so it seems. Zaire is now the D.R. of Congo and nothing much has changed. My guess is that the "situation" in the D.R. has probably not gotten any worse, and it certainly isn’t a new situation. I have a picture of myself in the "Grand Marchee" in Kinshasa with smoked Crocodile and Monkey meat in the background. It is scary how human the smoked monkey’s look. Come to think of it, the people are so hungry and desperate that I wouldn’t be suprised if some started selling smoked pigmy as smoked monkey without tail... Africa is a lost cause.

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