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Russian Weapons get a Boost from Iraq

Russian weapons (and Soviet origin mostly) are getting some good publicity from the Iraq war. "Russian analysts and industry sources said the Iraqi war will be remembered for the downing of U.S. fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft by Soviet- and Russian-origin surface-to-air missiles. They also pointed to the success of Russian anti-tank missiles."

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This is a joke, right? What did we lose? Four tanks, one A-10 and one Apache? US Patriot missiles shot down more coalition warplanes (2) than Russian-made systems did.

No, it seems to be serious. Got to keep looking for things to be proud of, those Russians. Their pride didn’t fall with their fortunes.

I am not so sure it is as simple as pride. It might be the case that Russian analysts are cattering to the French and the Germans who fear US power more than anything else. It almost seems as if they are advertising the fact that it was weapons produced by Russia, that killed americans and that they are doing so in a boastfull way. Why would Russia want to be remmembered for hurting the US?(even if it was rather insignificant dammage?) Do they really want to increase weapons sales to our ennemies? They consider this a good thing? Normally wouldn’t Russia want to hush this up as a means to countinue repairing and aiding US/Russian relations? If it is pride then you don’t want to find it in hurting friends...

The Newest NR has an article talking about the draw of the EU, and the German/French plan to dominate Europe, and make the old Europe/New Europe distinction disapear. If you add Russia to the deck with France and Germany this creates strange geopolitical tensions in New Europe, correct?

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