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Saddam’s Executioners

A newly discovered mass grave indicates thatSaddam was executing people just three days before the war started.

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I believe the left and its media supporters have no heart, soul, or conscience. To ignore mass murder and sadism of this degree is to support the perpetrators. To wail and keen about the lack of proof of WMD’s and ignore slaughter of this magnitude is beyond contempt. Is their a unique and special place in hell for these scoundrels?

Some have recommended Dante’s ninth circle; I am open.

you dumbasses dont get it do you? you werent whining and crying about mass slaughter before the war. you only started whining about it when you couldnt find any weapons of mass destruction. what a bunch of whiny retards!

Oh we found the "real" WMD’s Martin. It was Saddam, his cretinous sons,and the Baathist(Nazi)Party. It does not matter to me if WMD’s are or are not found. The Tikrit Butcher is at least gone. Do you want him back?
I also take offense at your use of "retard". My career(20 yrs+) has been working with the mentally retarded. Retard is on a par with the "N" word. The retarded are humans to. Your use of "retard" shows you have no heart, soul, or conscience.

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